Friday, September 30, 2016

Review: I Want 2 be Tendulkar

I Want 2 be Tendulkar I Want 2 be Tendulkar by Manish Sharma
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"Come what may, I will play."

With such indwelling and unwavering determination, Nitin, the protagonist, comes to the stadium with a bat in his hands and sheer passion.

The stadium is nothing but a battlefield for him, where he has to break the record of cricket legend Jatin Tendulkar, by playing at a very young age, something that has never seen before by his audience.

Nitin, a simple young boy having not much money in his bank balance, a girl who likes him dearly, a rival he has for a lifetime, friends who will support him till the end, family that stands by him, enemies who betray him in the name of being helpful and honest and above all, his inspiration, Jatin Tendulkar, another name of God for Nitin!

For him, he'll go to any extent! Any!

These are the characters around which the story of "I Want 2 be Tendulkar" revolves.

Even being a child prodigy, the series of trouble won't stop to come in Nitin's way.
At a young age, he faced things that wouldn't be imaginable.

To get a bigger prize, he has to be able to manage many things.

The tale will touch every Indian who grew up watching and playing cricket, because one way or other, most of the Indians want to play cricket well, become 'Tendulkar' and young Nitin, does that for them.

It had drama, competition, passion, betrayal and reverence for Jatin Tendulkar.

I only wish that language could have been improved a bit. The edition I read had many grammatical errors on printer's part. In the future editions, they can be removed.

All in all, a tale of sheer determination to reach the apex of goals.

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