Saturday, September 24, 2016

Review: DNA - Dad's Not Adopted

DNA - Dad's Not Adopted DNA - Dad's Not Adopted by Shikha Kaul
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just One Question : Give me one good reason as to why has this book not been turned into a movie already?

I mean don't the movie makers have Shikha Kaul's contact number?
Is her phone out of reach?
Does she keep it switched off?
If not, then what's the problem?
Go and Ask her for the rights to turn it into a movie!

These were the notions that kept running on my mind while reading this book.
In the series of these questions, I've another and most important one!
How am I to praise this book?

Shikha Kaul's DNA (Dad's Not Adopted ) has twisting and turning events like nothing I've seen before in all the mystery and thiller novels I've encountered.
But most of all, her diversity with themes, concept and characters has impressed me to the core.
You read first The Hidden Husband, then DNA and you are certain to go to the author and request her to publish a book in every two months!

Just in 250 pages, the author manages to blow your mind completely. You only remember how to turn the pages, in her taking you to the mysteries of the girl looking for her real father, finding him, asking him for the share in his huge property and ending up getting killed. Wwwoooo!!!

Like all the mystery books, I keep this quote in my mind, that the action and crime has been performed somewhere else, a long time ago, and what is written in the pages is just to create illusions before the reader, the same happened in it also. I was shocked knowing what a long time ago, really meant for the villains in it!

For the want of money and position, betrayal, murder, cheating, hiding facts and conspiracy and also romance, everything has been done to the fullest.

It would still need me to think hard on how to praise the writing style on this book which grips the reader to the core, I couldn't prevent myself reading it in only one sitting. May the hunger, thirst and drowsiness come, my eyes didn't move anywhere else except the fantastic creation and story waved by the narrator.

I urge you to stop reading whatever you are reading currently, and force you to read DNA because it had altered all my perspectives about mystery books !!
I'm yet to find out a way to show how really much I enjoyed this book!

Verdict : A must read thriller!

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