Saturday, September 24, 2016

Review: 5 IN THE GAME OF 4

5 IN THE GAME OF 4 5 IN THE GAME OF 4 by Viswa Sampreethi Pilla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 in the game of 4.
5 stars are all I could give.

Received this from the author in lieu of an honest review. Honest it is, like all those times.

Let us begin this within a personal story first.

I'd always been academically exceptional. So, notching up a perfect 100 in the mathematics final terms shouldn't have bothered a 6th grader in me. But it did.

I got the notion that this achievement was less due to my hardwork and more attributed to the pen I wrote from. A classy addgel. I classed it as an objectification of luck.

Consequently, I penned down my next terms with it and the name Architalways topped the ranking charts.

As it happens, life hits you in the head with a brick sometimes. Someone borrowed that piece of luck and forgot where he kept it. It was lost to all. I was lost. Next, I showed a card to my parents reflecting a mere 49 against the column titled Science. Doomed, perhaps I would have thought myself to be.

As brittle and transient childhood thoughts are, I pretermitted and forgot all about it with time.

In the finals I topped the class and moved on with life. Achievements were back in business.

That pen was never remembered.

We all find patterns in things that do not matter. We believe that one thing leads to another and try to replicate it everywhere.

Like Kajal, who goes about choosing her dates, for instance, based upon their birth dates. We all have that person inside us. Human nature.

Only that it does not matter.

The mollifying presence of Chris is what she cherishes. The author has carved out their nexus with a sharp chisel. You'd enjoy the aura that they create with their nudges and sugar-coated profanities.

The Story.

Well, I never reveal stories in my reviews. That's why I never have to use the spoiler html tag.

I won't reveal it this time either. That's for you to dig out!

But I can certainly scribe the adjectives I associate with the story. Soothing and well built.

Articulated is the word I will use! Twists and revelations made me smile a smile that proclaimed my liking of this book. The writing style holds room for enrichment, something that the author could better upon in her future endeavors. Yet, consequential lucidity is where Viswa strikes the point home for a reviewer.

The denouement for me was the star of the show. How the sheet of beliefs, or rather mis-beliefs you hold on to for dear life, are snatched away in a single jerk of hand.

Reveled in the illustrations of,

How friendship is of prime essence.

How running into fears makes them go down the drain.

How people chase wrong things.

How you are nothing but your choices.

And finally, how love knocks on everyone's windowsill and not the doors.

And how fortunate those audacious ones are open those windows ajar.

Bottom Line : Nothing less than 5 stars would do for me.

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