Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review: The Other Side of Him

The Other Side of Him The Other Side of Him by Alice Rene
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alice Rene!

This. Is. A. Masterpiece!

I absolutely adored this book!

Set in the middle of 20th century, The Other Side of Him unfolds the story of Claire who dreams about having a perfect life.

Claire, a young, ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate girl, wants to study medicine and have an independent career.

Her German mother's life's only goal is to marry her daughter into the riches.

Greg, a handsome, prosperous, charming takes Claire on a blind date and since then they know they are in love with each other.
Claire has met with the man of her dreams. Her life has become a fairy tale.

Until she encounters with the deadly secrets of Greg. She found it too late!

She breaks up with Greg and continues to work at the hospital as a case worker.

But she is not going to have an easy way out.

Kicked out from the place she worked devotedly for, she hunts for a suitable job with her shining bright degrees and ends up working in a pub.

Her determination takes her to places and finally she is living euphoric.

But with Greg just around the corner, will she get a life of her dreams?

A book about obsession and what excessive love can do! With a historical background!

Exceptionally beautiful narration made my heart skip a few beats. Characters are well-researched and their spicy lives kept it interesting. Dialogues are perfect and keeps you entertained.

It's fantastic to see Claire's mother convincing Claire to marry someone in half English- half German.

With The Other Side of Him, Alice Rene has proved that she very well deserves to be in the list of talented and skilled literary giants.

The fact that this book was inspired from true events, increased the zeal in me.

This kind of book I'm certain you'd had not read anywhere.

In the arena of Historical Fiction, I recommend it highly!!!!
Anyone who wants to read a haunting and obsessive romance from World War 2 era, Get This One!

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