Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: Knowing Women

Knowing Women Knowing Women by James Lawless
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Knowing Women by James Lawless is an addiction! I'm serious!

A perfect kind of genre I was looking for!

Laurence J Benbo, a graphic designer by profession, a protagonist who would stay with you for the rest of your life, is someone you should definitely be involved with.

His reserved mannerism when it comes to women, is to leave you enticed. He is alone, cheated and betrayed by his previous girlfriend and trying to get over her.

But Time changes and it changes very quickly.

For him, it all began when he saw an interesting girl smiling at him. His curiosity got over him and he figured out that this girl is a lap dancer and learning English.

He makes his innocent moves. (The way he works is adorable!) and he interacts with her.

One day, he wins a lottery. All of a sudden, his jealous brother and his family knocks at his doors.
Later, they blackmail him severely to hand over the money to them. For that, they could go to any extent.

A story of betrayal, greed and morality over the edge of loneliness and grief.

You will not realize when and how you yourself were in the skin of Laurence J Benbo, being the melancholic him, the cheerful and hopeful him.

There is no way one can prevent themselves from falling for these characters.
The elegant and refined writing style won my mind over and over.

If you're wondering which genre this book falls under!

It's Accessible Literary Fiction, there you go!

The author's work is commendable and thought provoking. I remember when I was reading The Avenue, I was left contemplating about various notions in my head.

Same thing happened while I was reading this one.

My favorite scene was when Jadwiga, the Russian lap dancer says that she wants to change her yob.
Laurence corrects her that it's not yob, it's job!

I was cracking at this. Who would not?

This shows that the dialog and characters' portrayal has been done superbly. They make you stick to it completely.

The author's interview at the starting, not only provided nourishment to the story but also held my attention amply. I was musing to myself, 'Why in the world didn't I read this before!'

The author demonstrates his writing abilities in most cheerful, poised, tasteful, pensive and glittering manner. At the same time and with a different perspective, the story is sorrowful.

The blurb leaves you hanging in the middle.

As I was reading the story, I would again go to the back of the cover, read the blurb again and think to myself ' Now, this part has happened, this is the next!' and until that point arrives, I would hold my breath, when it will pass, my amusement would keep repeating this process.

Clearly, the book is to touch the skies and go beyond it. You have my high recommendation for this one!

To end an year with a book like Knowing Women, was a terrific step.

Verdict : James Lawless is a Rockstar!

Try not becoming his fan after reading this book, you will certainly fail to do so.

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