Friday, March 31, 2017

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two by John Tiffany
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The time never turned.

The tears never dried, the emotion did not wane.

Picking this one up, I tried to conjure up a spell that could get my mind unblemished of all the that I have hear of it. The goods and the very goods.

The smoke fills up my head and I am drifting across time. Almost ten years since I finished the last of the Harry Potter books.

And a decade and around 500 world class reads later I come to this conclusion - Nothing beats Harry Potter.

The heartbeat isn't missed. It all appears like JKR never took a break. Infact, we never took a break. This decade without any Potter books coming out did not happen.

She picks up the grace where she left off. And how.

The story shivers page by page -changing in mood, the character emancipate and friendships are tested. The son is cursed, not by the darkest of the evils, but by leaving in the shadow. In the shadow of being the progeny of The Boy Who Lived.

Many have died to save Harry Potter. How many more will die? Are the sacrifices of Dobby, Dumbledore, Lily, Snape, James - not enough?

The vacuum of Harry and his unexceptional whirlpool in the entire wizarding world as we know?

We all live to forget.

Those who don't, are doomed.

Time has been interfered and it threatens to overthrow the present down to the very shreds. And the dark lord returns.

Armed with a blitzkreig writing and a heart melting father son bond - the cursed child hits the Potterhead hard.

Apt as it for the characters of the book, Dumbledore you are more than right about the entire Harry Potter universe.

The ones that love us,

never truly leave us.

Yes, Always.

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