Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review: The Yard

The Yard The Yard by Aliyyah Eniath
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A jewel to the Literary World!

Book of The Month | October of 2016

Sit back. Relax. Take The Yard in your hands. For some time in your life, Aliyyah will bring uncontrollable tears and bewilder you with her writing.

Some novels have the tendency that they play Quidditch with your emotions, giving unsettling, disturbing feelings to your soul and heart, then giggle back at you because

They. Have. Played. Well!

Aliyyah Eniath does the very same!

A novel that mends your heart, just to break it again and see you bleed ruthlessly.

Set in Trinidad, recounts a heart breaking tale of Behrooz, Sara, Maya and her family. The intricate complexity of human nature and behavior is knitted to perfection.

During the whole episode of Maya, Sara and Behrooz, I felt perturbation and agitation contemplating 'what heart shattering thing it will throw at me now!'

The flaw in the characters, their mannerism, perspective, thought process, redemption, regrets, unrestrained fears, rampant melancholy and evocative memories - all of that galvanized me.

He sat, smiling from ear to ear, on the sand, with a sand dollar in his hands. The image was captured on their first visit to Mayaro beach when he was two years old. His happiness seemed to jump out of the picture and infect anyone who looked at it.

The gravity of these lines brought overwhelming grief to the soul of the reader in me.

Aliyyah's steel hard determination and hard work of 5 years is visible, audible and heart-penetrative in this expressive and powerful piece of work.

In mere 272 pages, she made my eyes moisturized.
My tears struggled to come out or go in and dry just there, they didn't know what to do!

The Yard broke my heart many times and each time, it did so, so beautifully.
And I smiled at every shattering sound. Only because it was heard within me and nowhere else.

An aesthetic cover fits the story, making you halt and admire its unsung glory for a while.

Coming to the end,

Verdict : Book of the month indeed...! 5 glorious stars to Alliyah.

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