Monday, October 10, 2016

Review: Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson Ben Jackson by Amanda Linehan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amanda, oh Amanda.

You delivered a sucker-punch!

And in 31 crisp pages.

Let's begin with the cover .

With the blooshot stains sprawled over the wall, this has to catch your attention no matter how many books of the mystery genre you have stacked in your library.

Plot :

Imagine waking up on a Saturday, thinking it was a Friday. Only that it wasn't. jim Conors somehow manages to loose up an entire day of his life and he has count how it happened.

You can steal someone's day?!

Character Potrayal :

To add more to that he is portrayed as a fidgety and meek balding man. His manners when he comes up face to face is outstandingly carved out by the author.
He has to undergo the arduous task of expressing his sorrow to the grieving family of his business associate.
Yes, that guy had an accident.

And it happened on the Friday that never was Jim's.

The man behind it all, our antagonist has a mystery buried deep in his past. He is not what he shows the world he is. His is a character, I would pay to watch, if enacted in a movie.

The guy who was murdered (and not died of accident) wasn't either what the world knew him to be.


I had it enough; talking in insinuations and managing not to give out the story to you.

Amanda gave me a tough time as a book reviewer. My unassailable streak of not giving in the suspense was under threat.

Verdict A mystery so intriguing and well woven that I have no qualms before pasting 4 brilliant stars on this book.

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