Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: Aqson Level I

Aqson Level I Aqson Level I by Sreejib
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Fantasy at its pinnacle!
I want to recommend this book to everyone!

There were so many "I-didn't-see-that-coming" moments!!

Being a true fan of Greek Mythology, I salute the author's imagination for putting it up with India's current politics scenarios and making an engaging, delightful and thrilling ride!

Concept is incredibly unique and refreshing, something you will not see occasionally.

India's Prime Minister's seat is in bait for Team Lucifer and Team God that they have to gain in 30 years.

Now, how a game can be played for that long? My questions were the same and it was answered with full satisfaction.
Not at one point in the book did I feel anything out of place. Each and every character befriends you. You see their journey, their insecurities, feel their power and why they need to win and only win!

I appreciated everything about how some students from nowhere, made their name in Indian Student Politics.

The part when Yuvrani visits the mind of her fellow mates!
Well, that was something I bet you would not have read such a thing before.

The language is sharp, inspiring and to the point. The moment you read the first few paragraphs, the book starts captivating you, leaving you no option but to complete it, right then, right there.

Soon you face the dilemma of whose side to choose?

Should it be Yuvrani, who has already won your heart and mind since the beginning of the book, being smart and aware of her powers, quality and that she can move mountains or will it be Toya, who is timid, talented yet refuses to accept her identity or not both of them?

Do you really have a choice of not taking sides?
What are you to do then?

The ending leaves you with many questions unanswered, with an eagerness of waiting for its second part to publish, that shows the level of thought put up in writing this heartwarming book.

This is a book that India needed!

The best thing you'll like about Aqson Level I is the title of the chapters! (Read the book, Come back to this line and tell me you didn't smile!)
I'm in loss of adjectives to describe the awesomeness of Aqson Level I.

When Toya decides to write someday about his friends, about how things turned up for her, it got me emotional.

Kudos to the writer for such an amazing book!

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